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Rueppurrer Straße 1
76137 Karlsruhe, Germany
phone: +49 721 2012 519-40

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BrandMaker Inc.

5185 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 280
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092, USA
Phone: +1 678 735 7363

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BrandMaker UK

20 Orange Street
WC2H 7EF London, UK
Phone: +44 207 389 0840

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BrandMaker Poland

ul. Młodzieńcza 3
03-655 Warschau, Poland
Phone: +48 22 266 01 59

BrandMaker Russia

BrandMaker Russia is the Russian sales partner of BrandMaker.


Asia Pacific

nMerge is a professional services company specialising in marketing optimisation. What does this mean? We supply cloud technology, consulting and delivery services in marketing technology, automation, resource management and marketing efficiency solutions.


7Seas global content management GmbH
7Seas specializes in the internationalization and high-quality production of off and online means of communication.

AVANCE Gesellschaft für Marketing und Vertrieb mbH
AVANCE is specialised on results-oriented sales marketing and sales promotion "below the line". For more contacts, more leads and more sales. For the siginificant advance in competition. The experts for: CRM, lead and loyality management as well as online-, dialogue marketing and digital solutions for sales support like marketing automation, marketing resource management, sales apps and presentation management.

DGM Kommunikation GmbH
DGM thinks, designs and creates. Namely: corporate design for brand development as well as online marketing with webpages and newsletters to the point of trade marketing platforms for efficient marketing management. DGM also produces print campaigns with brochures, advertisements, flyers; radio and TV commercials as well as branding for companies and products.

LSD GmbH & Co. KG
As BrandMaker’s strategic partner, LSD is responsible for management and quality assurance of media data by means of intelligent workflows. LSD is an expert in developing and implementing web-to-print templates and provides support services including trainings and customized wikis.

myComm are experts in B2B marketing, in the development of communication strategies plus training and education methods.

wirDesign is one of the leading German agencies for the creation, production, and maintenance of brands for companies and institutions.

Total Identity


Total Identity
Total Identity helps organisations find the right balance between their collective ambition (identity), and the constantly changing environment in which we operate. In an ever-changing context, your actions require sharp positioning and clear profiling.


Media Asset Management AS
Media Asset Management AS is the Norwegian representative for BrandMaker. Media Asset Management assists with optimization of marketing operations and communications. Media Asset Management combines management and process consulting with automated software solutions.


gateB, an international consulting company that assists international brands and companies by optimization of their marketing and communication services. gateB uses an integrated approach combining management- and process consulting with automated software solutions.

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We work closely with a community of specialist and international partners. They are experts in implementing BrandMaker software and complete our offering by providing our clients with specific regional or industry knowledge.

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