The Central Platform for Brand Management

The Brand Management Portal is the central platform for all your brand information and forms the basis for brand-compliant communications. It serves as the starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering media and as a knowledge and inspiration source for staff, agencies and every other stakeholder.

Make the most of your brand

As products become increasingly interchangeable, the value of the brand is becoming more and more important. The Brand Management Portal provides a framework not only for defining a corporate identity and corporate design but also applying it effectively throughout every area of the company with maximum efficiency. The strength of the brand is not just vital to sales success. It is also fundamental to the value of the company, which means it has a real cash value.

Central contact point for your brand and corporate design

The Brand Management Portal from BrandMaker helps to communicate the essence of your brand in a modern and appealing way by making all your brand-related information available from the one intuitive central source. Media such as images, documents, audio files and videos can be accessed with just a few clicks. Furthermore, an integrated best practice portal helps to foster collaboration and synergies between decentralized marketing teams.

Simple content maintenance thanks to easy-to-adapt modules

There is no need for programming with content maintenance in the Brand Management Portal. Instead, the content can be maintained by staff in the marketing department or the agencies responsible for CI compliance. The easy-to-adapt standard modules, including image and text sliders, teaser groups and integrated video players, make content maintenance child's play. Enterprise class functions like multi-site management, multilingual capabilities and approval workflows work right out of the box.

Made for consistent brand communication

A Brand Management Portal is perfect for use in decentralized marketing organizations like associated groups or in retail and partner marketing. The integrated Web-to-Publish functions help provide consistent communication for a shared umbrella brands by making it easy to adapt marketing materials prepared centrally to local markets. You can also integrate the BrandMaker Media Pool  for automatic access to all your media assets in whichever format meets your needs.

Learning Center

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