Cross-channel control, publishing and performance monitoring

The Digital Marketing Center bridges the gaps between classic marketing on the one side and digital marketing and e-commerce on the other. The Digital Marketing Center is used to plan digital campaigns, put them into action in the relevant channels and collect and arrange the results achieved for a precise overview of their performance.

Agile campaign management across every channel

The Digital Marketing Center integrates digital marketing into your higher-level frameworks and closes the gaps between individual digital disciplines like SEA, Newsletter, Affiliate, Display, or Social Media. It compliments existing tools, enhancing them with centralized overviews and providing automatic control over your channels. The Digital Marketing Center includes interfaces for all the leading tools and platforms, including Google AdWords, Facebook, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrekk, and AdClear.

One-stop solution for planning, link management and analytics

Up to now, any work on breaking down higher-level marketing plans into plans for individual activities and channels or organizing and tracking thousands of keywords and corresponding links for digital channels has involved individual work steps with a large number of gaps in the process chain and a lot of manual labor. Consolidating all these issues in the Digital Marketing Center to create an integrated work environment ensures transparency, increases speed and optimizes results.

Central control and closed loops

The Digital Marketing Center assigns all your online campaigns with unique IDs and tracking codes that form the basis for automatically monitoring their performance. It includes a centralized link management system and automates the transfer of data to the relevant platforms. In combination with the BrandMaker Marketing Planner, the Digital Marketing Center allows for real top-down planning, while combining it with the BrandMaker Reporting Center enables real bottom-up reporting across every channel.

Publishing content to the relevant social media channels directly

For central control over and development of your social media activities in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere, the Digital Marketing Center includes a component for publishing content to these channels automatically. The integrated Social Media Calendar lets you plan, publish and track all of your posts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing and Pinterest in just one central work environment. The results are tracked immediately, providing the basis for consistent KPI-based performance monitoring.

Customized analysis based on the available big data

Separate analytics tools for each digital channel that are based on predefined segmentation in the respective platforms are rarely productive. The Digital Marketing Center consolidates all of your data in one central source. It accesses all the raw data that is available and evaluates it based on fully customizable dimensions and metrics. The result is a truly comprehensive dashboard and agility across every channel for allocating your resources.

BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center

Get a grip on multi-channel with BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center!

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In the Digital Marketing Center, digital campaigns are integrally planned, published in the respective channels, and the results achieved are centrally collected and clearly depicted. This comprehensive approach is unique. Learn more and download our factsheet!