Don’t kill sales productivity
with unqualified leads

BrandMaker has been a leader in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) for more than a decade, and we have now leveraged this experience to revolutionize B2B marketing. Our new Customer Engagement Central software bridges the gap between marketing and sales, creating better qualified leads through meaningful dialogues with prospects and customers alike. BrandMaker uniquely combines the benefits of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) efficiencies with Customer Engagement nurturing at scale.

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Personalized and Automated Customer Engagement

BrandMaker has pioneered a methodology called Personalized and Automated Customer Engagement (PACE), which makes it easy to optimize prospect engagement and ensure all leads sent to sales are truly sales qualified.

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Engage Better. Sell More.

BrandMaker helps enterprises transform sales funnels into finely tuned machines with Content Marketing strategies that improve engagement and  increase product and service sales.

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Create cohesive customer conversations

Effective Content Marketing requires thoughtful planning, intimate customer knowledge, and the delivery of highly relevant content throughout the customer journey. BrandMaker helps marketers develop high-impact content that is consistent across brand and channel.

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Bridge the Sales and Marketing Gap

Marketing and sales… sales and marketing. The two must work together in order to effectively and efficiently manage the sales funnel in light of today's new customer engagement matrix. Using BrandMaker, enterprises have new ways to bring together broad-reaching marketing automation and 1:1 sales systems with an integrated platform that eliminates "silos" once and for all.

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BrandMaker helps marketers engage better and sell more with end-to-end ...