Efficient marketing management

  • Plan activities and budgets professionally and flexibly
  • Get transparency for yourself and your company
  • Have a continual overview of where you stand
  • Gain solutions for all classic and digital channels in one system

Make it happen with marketing management solutions from BrandMaker!

Consistent brand management

  • Ensure the right version of the right media is available everywhere at all times
  • Bring your brand message and corporate identity on the road consistently

Asset management solutions and brand portals by BrandMaker help you each step of the way!

Relevant marketing content

  • Develop new marketing materials faster thanks to the ease of using templates with direct access to media and product information
  • Increase the impact of your marketing materials and campaigns by adapting them for local markets

BrandMaker solutions for dynamic content creation and marketing logistics meet your requirements!

Adapt global marketing to local needs

  • Help your local companies, dealer networks or affiliates maximize their success
  • Give local markets the tools to adapt content and activities that have been supplied centrally

Local Area Marketing solutions by BrandMaker make your distribution channels your brand ambassador!