Frequently asked questions about BrandMaker

BrandMaker solutions cover an extensive list of capabilities that help sales and marketing professionals create deeper engagements with customers. Built on a foundation of managing marketing resources and operations, BrandMaker has evolved to now leverage marketing content in highly-relevant conversations with customers as they move throughout the buy cycle. 

Learn more about BrandMaker and our solutions using the questions below. For additional assistance, feel free to request a demonstration or ask a general question here on our contact form.

What problem does BrandMaker solve?

With increasing pressure on both sales and marketing to align their goals, customer acquisition strategies have become a shared responsibility. New systems are required that aid collaboration and ensure proper control and usage of branding resources. In addition, customer engagements must be thoughtful in their approach, fully automated at scale, and provide necessary analytic feedback for constant improvement.  BrandMaker addresses these important issues for enterprise sales and marketing teams.

Who are BrandMaker solutions best suited for?

Many different individuals in sales and marketing of B2B enterprises will make use of BrandMaker solutions. Content developers and brand managers will use capabilities that help them manage resources and use them in content pieces. Outbound and inbound marketers will also make use of BrandMaker to leverage content in customer engagement programs. And, sales professionals will use BrandMaker to design nurturing programs that deliver content, monitor its effectiveness, and qualify prospects.

What kinds of improvements are customers getting?

Current users of BrandMaker solutions will see many new features and benefits that help them perform outreach to prospects and customers. The BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud product offers new ways to create personalize and automated customer engagements using a variety of marketing content pieces.

How do BrandMaker solutions differ from classic Marketing Automation or CRM system?

Marketing Automation systems generally perform lead "scoring", which assigns a numeric value to prospects found by marketing programs. This approach can sometimes miss strong prospects who don't map to precise scoring rules and can over qualify prospects who randomly click on email messages and advertisements. BrandMaker solutions improve prospect qualification by analyzing which content pieces are viewed, how long pages are seen, who shares materials, and more. By customizing each customer journey with automated engagements, BrandMaker solutions ensures that 100% of leads that reach sales are qualified according to sales team standards.

How long does it typically take to implement the BrandMaker solution?

Because BrandMaker solutions are supplied as Software as a Service (SaaS) using standard web applications, it's quick and easy to get started. Many users are up and running in just a few days and are capable of using features that make immediate improvements to customer engagement programs.

What is the difference between BrandMaker's new solutions and previous MRM solutions?

We still support all the solutions that BrandMaker customers have been using for years and gaining great value. Our grouping of products has changed slightly to better address the primary ways that B2B sales and marketing professionals will use them. New capabilities for creating personalized and automated customer engagement programs are available to existing and new BrandMaker customers.

Does BrandMaker have a digital asset management system?

BrandMaker Media Pool is an excellent choice for managing digital assets of all kinds using a centralized and easily accessible hub. 

What about brand identity and communicating our corporate image?

Developing, maintaining, and protecting your corporate brand identity is at the core of all marketing efforts, and BrandMaker solutions make sure this is possible. Brand Management Portal ensures that all constituents,  from staff and agencies to partners and regional subsidiaries, understand and apply your brand correctly and effectively.

What about agile marketing?

Being "agile" as a marketing team is a primary way in which constant improvements can be made to content and engagement strategies. One key to achieving agility is to ensure all digital assets are easily available and can easily be integrated into CI-compliant layouts. As a pioneer in this area, BrandMaker offers Web-to-Publish for all types of dynamic content creation.