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Just Getting Started with Digital Marketing?

BrandMaker Blog: How to Dismantle the Exploding Workload of Digital Marketing

Psychologist often say "we live in a modern world with a prehistoric brain". Well, for marketing you could say “we live in a digital world with a pre-digital organizational mindset”. The rise of digital, in combination with the “cleansing effects” of the 2001 and 2007 recessions, has completely changed the scope and the role of marketers. Although roles and expectations have changed, reality shows that the organizations and processes in which most marketers operate, still party like it’s 1999. As a result, marketers experience a digital overwhelm in their brave new worlds.more

Deadly Consequence of Omni-channel Marketing

Chest pains and difficulty breathing may sound like a heart attack, but you might also be experiencing what a lot of CMOs are these days: a drowning sensation amid a tsunami of marketing content. Learn about how content marketing will cripple marketing and why content must take into consideration the "circle of trust" that defines today's markets.

Learn from Silicon Valley

BrandMaker Blog: Why CMOs Should Get a Mentor From a Startup

Starting up a business is easy. Being successful with a startup isn’t. The hard and bleak truth is that 9 out of 10 startups fail. The reason? As the back cover of the bestselling book TRACTION reads, "Most startups don’t fail at building a product. Most startups fail at getting traction."more

This Year's Plan Won't Just be a Copy and Paste

For most B2B marketers, 2015 will be remembered as a year of heroic transition. Digital marketing, SEM, social & mobile customers, and the skills of the marketing team all come into play for what is sure to be a shakeup in the coming years. While we'd all like to pattern the future after the past, it simply is no longer possible.

The Challenges of Digital Marketing

Rising costs of digital marketing

Rising Conversion Costs and Lower Contribution to Revenue Growth

Trying to stay grounded when you're looking over this year's digital marketing expenses can be a bit of a challenge. Like many CMOs, you probably thought "digital" was supposed to be better, faster, and mostly... cheaper. So what happened?

B2B Sales Prevention

B2B Sales Prevention

Marketing seems to have all the right pieces in place with crisp segmentation, compelling value propositions, effective positioning, great content, and omni-channel communications, and the sales team has a selling cycle with well-understood and measureable milestones. So what happens to all those great opportunities?

BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center

It's easy to lose track of your multi-channel marketing: your teams for SEO, display adversting, affiliate marketing and social media often work in silos. Be at the right place and get a grip on multi-channel marketing with BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center.

Buyer as hero

Buyer as Hero

You might be surprised to learn that each of your prospective buyers is on their own "epic quest" to find exactly the right product for their needs. Along their journey will come challenges, discoveries, and an heroic return that reaches new heights of success.

BrandMaker Marketing Planner

Effectiveness and efficiency are high priorities in marketing. Be effective and analyze performance with BrandMaker Marketing Planner!