The Central Platform for Marketing-Related Translation Projects

The Language Center is the module for seamlessly integrating your Corporate Translation Management (CTM) systems. The Language Center lets your marketing benefit from efficient localization workflows that up to now were usually only to be found in the area of technical documentation.

Professional translation management for marketing texts

For companies that are active at an international level, multilingualism is a vital part of marketing communications. The use of translation memories and terminology databases ensures that standardized wording is also used in foreign language texts and that translations with the same or similar formulations can be reused to save time and money. Translation requests created in the Language Center are transferred to the internal or external translation service provider automatically.

Layout preview for Adobe InDesign documents

The Language Center can be used to add assets provided in the Media Pool like advert texts or brochures directly in the translation. Translation projects are also triggered and monitored centrally, which provides you with an overview of all the information about ongoing translation projects and their current status. The Language Center supplies a layout preview for Adobe InDesign documents so that the user can even check whether the text in the target language matches the layout while he or she translates the documents.

Create a translation project in four simple steps

To make it easy to create new translation projects, the Language Center project wizard guides users through the creation process. All of the relevant information and specifications, including the selection of documents to be translated, project description, submission date, and the defined source and target languages, are determined in a number of individual steps. The most recent version or the final translation can be saved at any time with a simple click.

Learning Center

Localization of marketing content is frequently an extremely time-consuming and expensive process, often involving major loss of quality and consistency across foreign-language versions. The Language Center solves this challenge from a variety of aspects. Read more