Digital Asset Management

Create, find and share content in any format and at any time. BrandMaker is the central place to orchestrate your marketing campaigns and activities.

Digital Asset Management

Rapid access to digital and multimedia content such as images, graphics, brochures, banners, audio files and videos. Easily convert your assets into the target format and then download, send or further refine for localization or customization. More...

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Digital asset management
Product information management

Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage and optimize product data to make it fit your customer-focused marketing needs. Import your master data and enrich it for your multi-channel, multi-language, multi-metric or multi-currency product communications.

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Brand Management

Effectively inspire staff, agencies and every other stakeholder by sharing your brand essentials. The Brand Management Portal is a Corporate Identity knowledge base and serves as the starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering brand-compliant media for every touchpoint.

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Brand management

Key Benefits of BrandMaker Marketing Content

  • Single platform to manage all marketing content
  • Smart search methods to quickly find assets and information
  • Professional management of rights, roles, licenses and workflows
  • Direct use of content in whatever target format required
  • Central solution for brand assets and corporate design
  • Open interfaces to connect to other systems

Customer Case Study

Bayer AG

Find out how Bayer AG introduced the Bayer Identity Net to reduce complexity and strengthen its global brand.

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