Collaborate to deliver local marketing success by sharing marketing services. BrandMaker is the central place to orchestrate your marketing campaigns and activities.

All-in-One Marketing Portal

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. That’s what decentralized teams, dealers or partners demand from a marketing portal. Smoothly guide portal users to the campaign assets they need using a configurable pin board and smart routing.

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Marketing portal
Localize marketing

Localize Marketing Materials

Let teams adapt their marketing materials to local needs with ease. Rule-based templates ensure CI compliance and the appropriate level of creative freedom. Any marketing novice can now customize or co-brand your marketing materials without the need for layout software. Drag, drop, done. More...

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Localize Product Information

Product information like USPs can be maintained in a number of different languages and metrics. From one controlled and up-to-date source, you can match product data with corresponding media assets, allowing a much higher level of automation and accuracy.

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Localize product

Key Benefits of BrandMaker Local Area Marketing

  • Combine central economies of scale with the power of local relevance
  • Single access point addresses a diverse set of local marketing needs
  • Easily adapt or create co-branded marketing assets with just a few clicks
  • Quickly access a pool of approved assets and up-to-date information
  • Communicate best practices and scale success

Customer Case Study

Deka Bank

Learn how Deka Bank uses BrandMaker solutions to help streamline marketing operations to be more efficient.

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