The Central Platform for All Marketing-Related Product Information

Marketing PIM is the module that allows a user to enter, manage and distribute product data in an output-neutral format across all media channels. The module provides maximum control over localized product marketing by combining the product data with its corresponding advertising copy and media assets, making them all available from one central source.

Create customized advertising materials efficiently and even automatically

As a central Product Information Management system, Marketing PIM manages all the content you need for product communication. Advert texts and product features like dimensions in standard units of measure or prices in important currencies can be maintained in a number of different languages, allowing you to produce your customized advertising material with a much higher level of automation and efficiency.

Optimized to meet your marketing needs

Marketing PIM is optimized to meet your marketing needs. Unlike conventional Product Information Management systems, the data maintained in Marketing PIM is used in creative layouts like sales flyers, newsletters and brochures. The latest versions of the information and/or media assets for your promotions and advertising are always loaded to the placeholders provided or can be added using drag and drop. This helps you significantly reduce your "time-to-communicate".

More than just product data

You can configure customer-specific product folders for each product to structure your product data maintenance. As well as raw product data (metadata, marketing texts and media objects), the product folder also contains additional information such as the person responsible for the product data, any other participants, the current status, the validity period for the product data and the tasks related to a product (for instance, the entry of new data or completion of data, checks, approvals, translations, and so on).

Open interfaces

Open interfaces make it simple to connect to other solutions like Master Data Management or Corporate Translation Management systems. As a module in the Marketing Efficiency Cloud, Marketing PIM is easy to use with other modules like the Media Pool (for Digital Asset Management) or the Web-to-Publish technologies for dynamic content creation.