The Central Platform for Marketing Management

The Marketing Planner is the module for efficient marketing management. It marks the starting point for planning and budgeting your marketing activities and putting them into action - on every classic and digital channel. The Marketing Planner provides central and transparent access to all of your information for all of your stakeholders.

The BrandMaker Marketing Planner

Plan and budget your marketing activities, specify parameters for marketing controlling and make every piece of data centrally available.

Perfect for teamwork thanks to flexible rights and roles

The Marketing Planner is web-based and provides access to all of the relevant information for all of your stakeholders regardless of location. In practice: one database as the central element in planning and budgeting all of your activities. The flexible rights and roles concept means even large organizations can define team-specific areas and choose exactly who has got access to what data.

A comprehensive overview thanks to a centralized planning structure

The use of a centralized campaign structure makes it easy to integrate your time and budget planning. The level of detail in the plan can be adjusted to meet any needs, with tasks and activities in clearly arranged time bars. One click of the mouse lets you switch between the calendar and budget view, and between your activity schedule and financial planning.

Full control over your costs thanks to fully integrated budget data

All the latest budget data is fully integrated into your marketing plan and can be stored in a number of different currencies. Any relevant budget information, including the planned, actual and remaining budget or material development funds, are managed and displayed centrally, while related information such as invoices and cost estimates can be connected to each other.

Measuring success through individually definable KPIs

Universal and individually definable KPIs provide you with reliable information about the success of your campaigns and marketing ROI. Generate concise reports and evaluations at the push of a button, based on the latest available data. The Marketing Planner also makes it easy to tailor fully customizable table-based reports to your needs, such as an activity overview sorted by target group.

Marketing Planner @ Haas Group

The Haas Group, the world's leader in waffle and cookie systems engineering, has been using the  BrandMaker Marketing Planner since the middle of 2009 to optimize its marketing processes.

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With the Marketing Planner, the Haas Group coordinates its worldwide marketing from its Austrian central office – with the subsidiaries in Denmark and the Netherlands on the one hand, and the branch offices in Brazil, China, and the USA on the other. Read more

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) opted for BrandMaker software to help it gain full control over the 1000 marketing promotions it carries out in 20 countries across the world. Thanks to the Marketing Planner, campaigns are much quicker and easier to plan. It has made every marketing operation, from planning and budgeting to implementation and assessments, more structured, transparent and efficient. Read more