The Central Platform for Advertising Material Logistics

The Marketing Shop is the module in the for efficiently processing order and delivery processes in advertising material logistics. It provides all the functions needed to supply advertising materials for staff, affiliates and partners quickly, easily and transparently.

Advertising media: from A to Z

The Marketing Shop helps you supply classic advertising media like giveaways or POS materials and media templates such as adverts, displays and posters. Its customizable theme pages and intuitive operation provide maximum support for developing your campaigns. Search for the items you need and purchase them with ease. The fully adaptable rights and roles concept ensures every user has the level of access needed to perform their work.

Automate and accelerate your order processes

Since all of the relevant information for your current advertising offers are centrally accessible, time-consuming searches can be avoided. The Marketing Shop also helps to automate and accelerate your order processes. Transparent and traceable order processes let you adapt your budgets to reap the full benefit of any particularly popular and effective advertising, while statistics about order volumes and frequency can be created easily with a click of the mouse.

Purchasing advertising material is as easy as online shopping

Making purchases in the Marketing Shop is as simple as shopping online. All of the information about an item can be accessed instantaneously, and helpful functions that, for instance, guide you through the purchase process or let you save your own orders in custom order lists make your everyday work much easier. Supplier master data can also be stored and managed centrally in the Marketing Shop. Likewise, suppliers can maintain their own products together with more detailed information if needed (their availability, for instance).

Motivate partners, local sales branches and affiliates

The Marketing Shop helps motivate partners, local sales branches and affiliates to participate in campaigns from headquarters and order and deploy advertising material adapted for local markets. Interfaces for existing ERP systems, for instance, and interplay with other modules in the Marketing Efficiency Cloud like the Media Pool or Web-to-Publish modules make the Marketing Shop a central component of any holistic Marketing Portal.

Learning Center

DekaBank is based in Frankfurt and Berlin and acts as the central asset manager for the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe. In order to be able to supply the approximately 450 banks in the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe with quality assured and individually customizable advertising material, as well as optimize the creation and administration processes for such materials, DekaBank decided to establish a web-based marketing and media management platform. Read more