More Sales Success With Content of Real Relevance Directly at the Point of Sale

Media Pool Mobile is an optional addition to the DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT module from BrandMaker, letting you supply clearly-organized and easy-to-find multimedia content including images, graphics, data sheets, foils or videos directly at the point of sale.

More relevance means more success

A "classic" situation: At your trade fair stall, you can only find that brochure about product A, but the video about product B would be much more productive for your current pitch! The BrandMaker Media Pool mobile app gives sales staff direct access to media from the Media Pool from a mobile device like their smartphones or tablets.

Available anytime anywhere

The on-site sales representative can select whatever content the client is actually interested in from the well designed overview menus. The relevant media can be utilized during the sales pitch - either online or offline - and digitally forwarded to the customer directly as required. That makes the customer dialog much more to the point and speeds up the sales process.

Insights and feedback at first hand

This comprehensive solution allows you to directly track the use of media on sales staff's mobile devices and the use of information forwarded to the customer. This lets you identify the most relevant content and gain valuable insight into the stage the customer is at in the purchasing process.

Closer ties between Marketing and Sales

Thanks to Media Pool Mobile, the content and advertising material supplied by Marketing is really utilized by Sales. Marketing still retains control over the content, making sure only media that is fit for purpose is available on the mobile devices. It is then kept up-to-date at all times through centrally managed updates.

Media Pool Mobile

Personalize customer engagement with Media Pool Mobile!

Learning Center

The interplay between Marketing and Sales has been an ongoing challenge since the two disciplines came into existence. Thanks to Media Pool Mobile, the content and advertising material supplied by Marketing is really tailored for and then utilized by Sales. Learn more