Optimize prospect engagement

BrandMaker Makes it Possible at Scale

Today's business customers have buying cycles that are uniquely personal. At each stage, marketers are challenged to engage in new ways using new channels, and with content that is relevant. This is where a new methodology is required that creates personalized and automated customer engagements and delivers content at just the right time. Now, marketers can effectively manage the new customer engagement matrix to effectively move prospects through various buying stages at scale.

100% of sales leads are qualified

BrandMaker's Customer Engagement Cloud enables enterprise sales and marketing teams to more effectively engage with prospects, improving lead nurturing, conversion, and sales productivity. Using a personalized and automated customer engagement process (PACE), 100% of sales leads are qualified and ready for sales-level engagement.

The BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud solution combines the delivery of customized messaging and materials, the most appropriate channels at the right time for each customer, market-proven best practices, a structured nurturing process, and sophisticated machine learning to help teams optimize customer interactions.