Bring Sales and Marketing Together

A core issue in the perennial friction between sales and marketing is lead qualification. But more than ever, sales and marketing must work together to move prospects through the funnel in a cooperative fashion. The goal is to not only ensure that sales is receiving high quality leads, but that prospects are nurtured through a successful and productive customer journey.

Marketing automation only goes so far

Marketing automation systems are great for executing broad-reaching outbound and inbound programs that help fill the sales funnel, but they often don't produce qualified sales leads.

Sales automation expects qualified leads

CRM systems help automate one-to-one communication with qualified leads and provide in-depth management reporting, but they break down when fueled with poorly qualified or insufficient leads.

BrandMaker automated customer engagement bridges the gap

BrandMaker offers an engagement platform that fits between broad-reaching marketing automation systems and one-to-one sales tools to deliver meaningful and personalized content to buyers. The system incorporates PACE, a new methodology that engages customers through their journey, ensuring that 100% of marketing leads sent to sales are truly sales qualified.

Learning Center

Customer engagement has changed. Take a look at our eBrief Introducing the Customer Engagement Matrix to learn more about the modern way to help prospects become customers.