Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our products and services. The security of your privacy is a serious matter for us and we would like you to feel comfortable when browsing our web pages. The protection of your privacy when handling your personal data is an important issue for us, which we have also considered in our business processes. We handle personal data that are collected during the visits on our website according to the privacy protection laws of the country where the institution responsible for the data handling is located.

BrandMaker Data Protection Policy

BrandMaker aims to protect all personal and corporate data entered when using BrandMaker. In this Data Protection Policy, BrandMaker sets out the ways in which and when anonymized, personal and corporate data is stored and used by BrandMaker. In addition, BrandMaker takes measures to ensure that it complies with the regulations contained in the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Personal Data

Personal and corporate data are details about personal or objective affairs of an identified or identifiable natural and legal person. Personal data includes in particular such details as a person’s name, address and telephone number. The term “personal data” does not, however, cover any data which are untrue or inaccurate.

Collection of Anonymous and Personal Data

General data will be collected automatically during all visits to our website. This data will include details of web browsers being used, IP addresses, internet service providers and the numbers of visits to particular websites etc. We must stress that the only type of data we collect here is very general in nature and does not allow us to draw any inferences about particular persons who may be visiting our website.

Personal data, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers etc will only be collected if these have been freely provided by you as part of a registration, order or inquiry procedure. You will be informed of all the uses to which this data will be put. And we will always ask for your permission to store or use your personal data whenever we are legally obliged to so.

Use of Personal Data

All personal data, which has been collected with the consent of the individuals concerned, will be used exclusively for the purposes of providing the appropriate products or services of BrandMaker, or for any other purposes for which we have received the express permission of the individual concerned and in so far as this is permitted by relevant legislation.

Distribution of Personal Data

We will distribute personal data on to third parties only with the prior permission of the person to which the data relates. An exception to this general rule will arise whenever we need to distribute data within the BrandMaker company, whenever it is necessary to so in order to facilitate the processing of an order or a contract, and in so far as we are allowed by law to distribute personal data within the BrandMaker company. Whenever we distribute data, we do so under the legal provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (German BDSchG) and all other relevant legal regulations.

Rights to Access and Correct Information

All individuals have the right to access any personal data which is being kept about them and to correct any information kept about them which is inaccurate. Individuals may exercise their rights to access and correct information that is being kept about them by applying to the address shown below, or directly to the data protection registrar at BrandMaker.

Revocation Rights

The right to store personal data may be revoked at the request of persons who are suitably entitled to make such a request.  Minors It is unlawful to distribute the personal data of minors to another party. We shall therefore neither request, store nor distribute such data.LinksThe website contains links which allow access to an extensive range of information which is contained on other internet sites. BrandMaker accepts no liability for the content of other internet sites and has no control over the content of these sites or the degree of their compliance with data protection regulations.


If you have any suggestions or questions about our Data Protection Policy, please contact:

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