Smart Launch

Smart Launch is the "Implementation Best Practice" from BrandMaker, which has been tried and tested in hundreds of successful module implementations. It consists of five progressive steps for each module:

Scope - Keep it small & simple

Following a kickoff meeting, interviews are conducted with representative sample users so that we can get to know and document the operating methods and workflows. The aim is then to develop a clear and consistent understanding of what you and your selected user group can expect from the module in question and the system as a whole.

Preview - Coming soon to your organization

Using an initial "preview" system as a basis, we hold a workshop for you to demonstrate how your operating methods are assisted by the selected module. Sample users get a sense of how the tool works. If necessary, we also check the interaction with the IT infrastructure of your company so it can be fine tuned from an early stage.

Finetune - Adjust & play

In this step, we fill in the gaps in the preview to get ready for the launch. At this point, all of the relevant media objects and user data should be consolidated and cleaned up.

Launch - Get-Set-Go

The configuration settings are now transferred to a staging environment. This environment imitates the live one as precisely as possible to provide us with realistic results. The media objects and users are migrated to the staging environment, where tests are then performed and the users receive training. Once it gets final approval, all the data is transferred to the live system and the system is ready for launch.

Monitor - Make it grow!

After the launch, it is essential to monitor how the users are using the tool and what content they access. Our monitoring lets you create your own statistics and optimize your campaigns, marketing materials, content and the tool itself.