BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud

BrandMaker Marketing Resource Management (MRM) capabilities map the entire marketing process, for both all-in-one and end-to-end processes and from the subtasks of marketing management to providing marketing resources and adapting marketing content. The individual modules can be used on their own or combined in integrated solutions as necessary, for example, for Local Area Marketing.

BrandMaker Media Pool

The Media Pool is the module for managing and supplying all of your media assets through centralized structures. It gives you rapid access to digital and multimedia content such as images, graphics, ads, brochures, banners, newsletters, slides, audio files and videos, lets you convert them into your required target format and then download, send or transfer them to your marketing material directly.more

Media Pool Mobile is an optional addition to the Digital Asset Management module from BrandMaker, letting you supply clearly-organized and easy-to-find multimedia content including images, graphics, data sheets, foils or videos directly at the point of sale.more

BrandMaker Web-to-Publish

Web-to-Publish is the module for dynamic content creation. Web-to-Publish lets you adapt your own existing marketing materials quickly and easily. From minor changes to major reworks, you can customize your marketing materials to your local market without the need for layout software.more

BrandMaker Marketing Planer

The Marketing Planner is the module for efficient marketing management It marks the starting point for planning and budgeting your marketing activities and putting them into action - on every classic and digital channel. The Marketing Planner provides central and transparent access to all of your information for all of your stakeholders.more

BrandMaker Job Manager

The Job Manager is the central module for job, project and workflow management. From designing adverts to shooting videos, it lets you manage and process all of your marketing projects with efficiency and transparency.more

BrandMaker Review Manager

The Review Manager is the central and interactive approval tool for production workflows. The Review Manager lets you organize and document your comments and approvals for content like layout files, images and texts consistently.more

Language Center

The Language Center is the module for seamlessly integrating your Corporate Translation Management (CTM) systems. The Language Center lets your marketing benefit from efficient localization workflows that up to now were usually only to be found in the area of technical documentation.more

Brand Management Portal

The Brand Management Portal is the central platform for all your brand information and forms the basis for brand-compliant communications. It serves as the starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering media and as a knowledge and inspiration source for staff, agencies and every other stakeholder.more

Marketing PIM

Marketing PIM is the module that allows a user to enter, manage and distribute product data in an output-neutral format across all media channels. The module provides maximum control over localized product marketing by combining the product data with its corresponding advertising copy and media assets, making them all available from one central source.more

BrandMaker Marketing Shop

The Marketing Shop is the module for efficiently processing order and delivery processes in advertising material logistics. It provides all the functions needed to supply advertising materials for staff, affiliates and partners quickly, easily and transparently.more

BrandMaker Reporting Center

The Reporting Center is the central tool for reporting and analysis. It consolidates the key figures from the BrandMaker modules and/or external sources and displays a whole framework of figures in customized customer dashboards.more

Digital Marketing Center

The Digital Marketing Center bridges the gaps between classic marketing on the one side and digital marketing and e-commerce on the other. The Digital Marketing Center is used to plan digital campaigns, put them into action in the relevant channels and collect and arrange the results achieved for a precise overview of their performancemore