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Leverage our Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software and enterprise tools to streamline your workflows and content creation process.

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How we tackle three main marketing challenges with one connected MRM software platform


"How do you continuously create relevant content that builds strong relationships?"

Scalable Content allows the repurposing of content as well as quick customizations to guarantee lasting relevance.


"How do you show where marketing drives value to justify investments?"

Our solution provides laser-focused budgets validated by real-time market feedback to show you where to optimize next.


"How do you build a scalable and agile organization that can navigate a volatile market?"

We integrate your best practice workflows directly into our tools to give you flexibility where allowed and compliance where required.

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One connected platform throughout your enterprise

No core technology can operate as an island. That's why BrandMaker has built world-class integrations with a variety of other enterprise management software components. The net result is one connected MRM software platform that increases data accuracy, reduces administrative burden and boosts productivity.


We are trusted by the world's most renowned brands

More than 300 blue chip companies, equally distributed over multiple industries, use BrandMaker to plan, budget and execute marketing resource management activities.

Duetsche Bank

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Forrester Research Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource ManagementBrandMaker recognized as a Leader
Forrester Research Forrester Wave™: Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA)BrandMaker recognized as a Strong Performer

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Marriott International

Content marketing portal

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Marriott International delivers local marketing materials across 30 brands, 130 countries, and in more than 20 languages.


Pacific Dental Services

Marketing Resource Management example

See how Pacific Dental Services upscales their marketing efforts to create more business opportunities for over 600 partners.


Local Area Marketing

Local area marketing

Letting local sales and marketing teams localize materials is quick and easy with the right software.


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