BrandMaker - Allocadia - Hive9

BrandMaker’s Vision for the Future of Marketing Operations

The end of year is a time of reflection for everyone, and I am no different. It’s hard to look back at this year and not be excited for the future. I will use this holiday time to recharge with my family (a little skiing and a little feasting) and then be ready take on bold challenges in the new year. In July and September 2021, BrandMaker announced its intention to acquire the two leading Marketing Performance Management companies—Allocadia and Hive9. Since those announcements, we’ve been working diligently to integrate three amazing companies, cultures, and solutions into one organization.

Today, we announced that this process is largely complete. Of course, there are still many systems and processes to connect, and longer-term decisions about branding and go to market have to be made. But to me, the most important questions have been settled: who is BrandMaker, what is our vision, and how will we deliver value to our customers.

My goal is to provide insights into each of these questions in this blog.

So what’s next?

Each of these companies offers unique solutions to various challenges faced by enterprise marketing organizations. For example, Allocadia is widely recognized as a leading financial management solution for marketing organizations that have decided to ditch spreadsheets and move on to a modern approach to marketing planning and budgeting. Hive9 is delivering sophisticated marketing performance management solutions to global organizations that demand visibility into marketing ROI and revenue impact. And, of course, BrandMaker has helped connect marketing strategy to execution through powerful marketing resource, work, and asset management offerings.

Each of these platforms represent complementary approaches to tackling persistent and profound challenges in enterprise marketing today:

  • plans built in isolation and disconnected from revenue models
  • budgets scattered across a multitude of spreadsheets, systems, and applications (amazingly only 11% of marketers can update their budget in real time to support the speed marketing teams require!)
  • time-consuming and error-prone processes that impede marketing agility and stifle collaboration
  • reporting that does not accurately measure marketing’s financial impact, much less help marketing make fast, informed decisions to improve results

The world is ugly out there. How does marketing operations fit in?

For years we have relied on the trusty marketing operations team to put out fires. Their time is mired in the configuration complexities of keeping a global marketing engine running smoothly, and we are thankful for their technical prowess. But what if we flipped that belief upside down? Gartner states that marketing ops is now one of the top three concerns of CMOs today. We believe forward-thinking organizations need to have a strategic marketing operations team. Not one of plumbers but one of strategists and innovators.

Marketing operations as a function must become much more strategic. It must be about more than configuring automation flows, connecting data, and managing hundreds of martech solutions—all jostling to solve a narrow part of the overall business problem.

It’s the connective tissue between the office of the CMO and what’s happening with the rest of the marketing organization. Marketing operations can deliver a holistic view of marketing’s impact through deep integrations within martech stacks—empowering marketers to make fully informed, data-driven decisions.

It’s this vision that fuels our innovations.

To make this vision a reality, marketing operations needs a layer of visibility, control, and analysis that sits between the CMO and the martech stack. They require a system of record, what we call the marketing operations suite, that can orchestrate the complex interdependencies between planning, finances, people, and asset management. Because of this, the value of an integrated solution far outweighs the impact of any individual solution. Our complete marketing operations suite helps marketers plan, predict, invest, execute, and improve marketing efforts in a continuous, adaptive cycle. The resulting insights empower marketers to lead with confidence, accelerate time to market, and increase revenue contribution.

What can customers expect and when?

What does all of this mean for our customers? There will be exciting product changes ahead, but what will not change is our high level of customer support and dedication to customer success. With our newly expanded presence in both North America and EMEA, we are now able to provide even broader support services to our 625,000-plus users across the globe.

Customers can also look forward to more opportunities and new ways to engage with us—and each other—in 2022. Like many of you, I am excited to get back out into the field next year, talking to marketers at conferences, tradeshows, user groups, or other physical events. And, if that isn’t going to be possible, we have virtual and digital engagement offerings planned that will give us a chance to connect with you.

To further clarify our product integration strategy and roadmap, we are also committing to touch base with customers over the next three months. This will give every client an opportunity to ask questions, better understand our product vision, and provide input to our future plans. Look for a communication in January that will provide more guidance as to when and how to participate in a product session.

I am looking forward to every one of these conversations, and I hope you share my enthusiasm! 2022 promises to be another great year for our shared journey. Thank you for your business and continued support—I wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker