Brand Management & Content Marketing

We bundled together a simple, easy-to-use content marketing portal that allows marketing, sales teams and channel partners to quickly find and customize content using self-service, online templates. Integrated marketing performance tools gives constant feedback for agile improvements. BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal brings together four best-in-class tools making it a snap to manage, distribute, and target assets for maximum sales impact — all while maintaining business rules, policy, and brand control. No more fumbling for the latest versions of digital assets or materials; now your sales team and channel partners have everything they need to localize and produce materials quickly and easily.

Digital Asset Management

Robust Digital Asset Management library for simple, centralized control and distribution by marketing. Provides rapid access to digital and multimedia content such as images, graphics, brochures, banners, audio files and videos. Easily convert your assets into the target format and then download, send or further refine for localization or customization. BrandMaker Media Pool...

Digital asset management
Localize marketing

Local Area Marketing

Online print and digital templates for safe and easy customization and localization. Let teams adapt their marketing materials to local needs with ease. Rule-based templates ensure CI compliance and the appropriate level of creative freedom. Any marketing novice can now customize or co-brand your marketing materials without the need for layout software. Drag, drop, done. BrandMaker Web-to-Print...

Marcom Portal

Your own micro marketing site with everything in one place. Effectively inspire staff, agencies and every other stakeholder by sharing your content essentials. Content Marketing Portal serves as the brand management knowledge base and starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering brand-compliant media for every touchpoint. Content Marketing Portal...

Brand management
Marketing reporting

Performance Management

Integrated reporting and analysis tool leading to agile improvements across marketing. Consolidate quickly key numbers and statistics and display key insights in customizable dashboards for increased effectiveness and optimized budget allocation. Or create fully configurable analytical overviews using simple drag and drop. BrandMaker Reporting Center...

Key Benefits of the BrandMaker Brand Management and Content Marketing Solution

  • Single sign-on for quick and easy access within your enterprise
  • Powerful bulk importing and tagging capabilities
  • Automated file format conversions/video transcoding
  • Version control keeps track of changes and updates
  • Asset validity date ranges to automatically control when assets become generally available and when they expire
  • Direct integration with Adobe InDesign allowing rapid template configuration without coding plus automated tracking of all related image associations in InDesign document

Customer Case Study

Bayer AG

Find out how Bayer AG introduced the Bayer Identity Net to reduce complexity and strengthen its global brand.

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