Customer Engagement

Automate customer engagement while nurturing prospects in a highly personalized way. The net result? More sales leads that are qualified, increased pipeline activity, and marketing that just works.

Customer Engagement Framework

Define new strategies for engagement based on stages of the customer journey. Focus content on buyer personas with the goal of helping prospects move through their personal buying cycle at their own pace. Customer Engagement Matrix...

Digital marketing

Insights Beyond Click-Throughs

Go beyond analyzing who clicked what and when. See prospect behavior as they read and share material. Use results to fine-tune marketing content by highlighting what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Digital Marketing Center...

Automation That Works

Design customer journey maps that offer relevant content at the right time. Use automation to present options at scale, letting prospects decide when they are qualified. Sales Enablement Workbench...

Customer engagement

Key Benefits of the BrandMaker Customer Engagement Solution

  • Build journey maps for different customer personas
  • Let customers "pull" the content they need and want, creating their own personal journey
  • Share content with colleagues to extend journeys throughout a customer's network
  • Optimize customer journeys based on actual usage data and not on guesses
  • Shorten the qualification cycle by understanding time spent in each content piece
  • Deliver profile data to sales personnel to better understand the customer journey

Customer Case Study

Bayer AG

Find out how Bayer AG introduced the Bayer Identity Net to reduce complexity and strengthen its global brand.

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