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Personalized, automated customer engagement and 100% sales-ready leads.

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Create more leads for your sales team

BrandMaker provides software solutions that automate customer engagement while nurturing prospects in a highly personalized way. The net result? More sales leads that are qualified, increased pipeline activity, and marketing that just works.

How it works
Customer engagement

Customer Engagement Framework

Define new strategies for engagement based on stages of the customer journey. Focus content on buyer personas with the goal of helping prospects move through their personal buying cycle at their own pace.

Marketing insights

Insights Beyond Click-Throughs

Go beyond analyzing who clicked what and when. See prospect behavior as they read and share material. Use results to fine-tune marketing content by highlighting what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

Marketing automation

Automation That Works

Design customer journey maps that offer relevant content at the right time. Use automation to present options at scale, letting prospects decide when they are qualified.

Mirko Holzer video

Mirko Holzer, BrandMaker CEO speaks about how to deliver mature leads for B2B sales teams.

the boring drip marketing and arbitrary lead scoring programs

Marketing automation systems "push" content that is often unwanted and inappropriate to specific customer journeys; this leads to high opt-out rates, annoyed buyers, and lost revenue.

Lead scoring systems based on who clicked what and when over simplify a very complex human behavior when it comes to decision making processes. This results in marketing sending poorly qualified leads to sales that sales don’t want to follow up or high drop out rates due to inappropriate contact strategy.

The impersonal nature of marketing automation doesn't connect with today's buyers who prefer to be self-directed. As a result, prospects disengage and leave to find competitors that respect their wish to drive the decision making process.

A new way of thinking about marketing and sales

BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud is a new type of automation that doesn't rely on pre-set programs or dripping out the same material to all prospects. Instead, Customer Engagement Cloud picks up where outbound and inbound marketing stops by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

Using BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud, sales and marketing professionals can initiate highly personalized customer journeys for prospects, leading to better engagement and better qualified leads. Customer Engagement Cloud lets prospects individually choose the content that's right for them based on buyer persona and their stage in the buying cycle.

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