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Turning prospects into customers is a process all B2B sales and marketing teams can agree to as the primary goal. From the first identification of target markets through nurturing and lead qualification, your customers' journeys are today's hottest action item. But as easy as it is to agree on this goal, most teams can’t turn this into a concrete marketing activity plan that delivers results. Therefore BrandMaker developed a unique approach to B2B marketing in the digital age, called “Customer Engagement Matrix”. It provides the answer you don’t get from classic software vendors or agencies which is, "How can I align customer stages with different content types and formats and the ideal engagement channel?”

To learn more about this revolutionary approach to marketing, watch this quick video about the new Customer Engagement Matrix.

Customer engagement video

Customer Journey Maps

Personalized automated customer engagement begins with a journey map that specifies exactly which content pieces should be recommended at what stage, in what format and in what order. Setting up journeys is quick and easy using an intuitive drag and drop interface that is fully integrated to a content library (full fledged asset repository).

  • build journey maps for different customer personas using tags to better understand potential needs
  • link relevant content pieces to be used for automatic recommendations
  • define custom templates for messages and reminders
  • update content when it changes with automatic replication to all existing journeys
Customer engagement


Customers enter specific journey maps by clicking on a link in an email or landing page. Once they begin, they'll receive relevant content recommendations available at their request at the time they need it and based on their interests.

  • include links to journey maps in mass marketing programs or let sales reps start journeys one-by-one
  • let customers "pull" the content they need and want, creating their own personal journey
  • maintain a library of viewed content to easily go back for additional detail
  • share content with colleagues to extend journeys throughout a customer's network


The best customer journeys evolve over time based on feedback from actual customers, prospects or buyers. See detailed information about exactly what content is pulled, how long they view it, pages viewed, shared content, key words searched for, customer profile data, and more.

  • optimize customer journeys based on actual usage data and not on guesses
  • reduce content clutter and improve high-impact, relevant pieces
  • shorten the qualification cycle by understanding time spent in each content piece
  • deliver profile data to sales personnel to better understand the customer journey
Marketing analytics

Key Benefits of BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud

  • A convincing methodology to make your demand generation really work
  • The ability to create a fully integrative asset library and the facility to generate personalized yet automated customer journeys at scale
  • Leads that are 100% qualified to your company’s standard with rich information on actual usage of the content your customers engaged with including recommendation on the next content of interest, along with important characteristics of your customers
  • Mature leads your sales team love to follow up and now personally engage with

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