Distribute content, track engagement. Connect content with lead management.

Develop a customer engagement concept that aligns customer stages with appropriate content and optimal communication channel. Set up personalized automated content journeys that allow qualitative leads nurturing at scale. Track content interaction and optimize content and message continuously.

Manage prospects while capturing customer interaction with content. Nurture leads through personal automated customer engagement to avoid hand-over of immature leads. Only distribute truly qualified leads to sales. Optimize content continuously. Make BrandMaker your end-to-end marketing console.

Digital marketing performance

Omni-channel publishing

Publish content omni-channel and multi-platform. Centrally direct your cross-channel activities, whether it is banners, Google Adwords, Facebook campaigns or other social channels, and maximize touchpoints. BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center...

Mobile Digital Asset Management

Have your digital assets at your fingertips, wherever you go. Media Pool Mobile is an app that empowers field teams, channel partners and sales reps to have the most relevant digital assets within reach, within seconds. Show and share videos, presentations and docs from smartphone or tablet and have engaging conversations. BrandMaker Media Pool Mobile...

Mobile digital asset management
Sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Offer easy access to sales content and be the catalyst for Sales success. Facilitate the forwarding of assets and nurture leads using the auto-pilot follow up and content recommendations. Handover the super qualified leads to Sales, including hypotheses on lead motivation. BrandMaker Sales Enablement Workbench…

Insights Beyond Click-Throughs

Go beyond analyzing who clicked what and when. See prospect behavior as they read and share material. Use results to fine-tune marketing content by highlighting what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Digital Marketing Center...

Digital marketing

Key Benefits

  • Publish content omni-channel and multi-platform, maximize potential touchpoints
  • Have all your content accessible via mobile, ready to show and share
  • Start a customer journey from any device, any channel or any campaign
  • Nurture leads using the auto-pilot follow up and recommended content
  • See prospect behavior as they read and share material
  • Handover the super qualified lead to Sales including hypotheses on lead motivation

Contribute to pipeline by distributing content across all channels and empowering your sales team.

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