BrandMaker Job Manager

Project and workflow management

Job Manager is a module for job, project and workflow management. From designing digital campaigns to shooting videos, it lets marketing teams manage and process all of their marketing projects with efficiency and transparency.

Content marketing task management

More efficiency thanks to standardized processes

Job Manager is useful for optimizing processes with regards to projects and tasks. Its individually definable workflows let the user forward tasks to the responsible processors automatically. Job Manager collates all the information needed and allows to perform tasks efficiently.

A central job file with all the relevant information

Each marketing project has its own job file that records all relevant information, such as the participants, tasks, latest status, production and design information, reviews and deadlines. An overview of all current projects and integrated search function provides quick overview with pinpoint accuracy.

Role-based access and clarity for everyone

Access to the job files and the data they contain can be defined based on roles and for each individual workflow step. It gives everyone participating in the project a clear overview of their assigned tasks, but also guarantees confidentiality when not all detailed project information can be equally shared with everyone involved.

Seamless integration with other modules

Seamless integration with other modules makes Job Manager the control center for all marketing projects. Media assets from Media Pool are as easy to integrate as templates for dynamic content creation from the Web-To-Print module.