Understand customer engagement, anticipate interests. Create content and campaigns dynamically.

Track content interaction and optimize content and message continuously. Get deeper understanding of your customers' profiles and add hypotheses for further characterization of your target audiences. Make further content recommendations based on what a prospect is truly interested.

Real-time performance feedback

Check the results of your campaigns and activities through instantly synchronized data. Display KPIs in a ROI dashboard and be updated on the success of your campaigns. Or create table-based budget reports that can be sliced and diced until you have the detail you require. BrandMaker Marketing Planner...

Marketing planning
Marketing reporting

In-depth and custom insights

Search for trends and golden data nuggets cross module, cross platform. Consolidate key numbers and statistics from any BrandMaker module, combine it with external data sources where required, and displays key insights in customizable dashboards. BrandMaker Reporting Center...

Share best practices

Scale what works, terminate what doesn't. Offer a self-service portal as the starting point for accessing, adapting and ordering media and as a knowledge and inspiration source for staff, agencies and every other stakeholder. BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal...

Brand management

Key Benefits

  • Check the results of your activities through instantly synchronized data
  • Build customized dashboards with performance metrics that matter most
  • Search for trends and golden data nuggets cross module, cross platform
  • Distribute high quality reports in PDF or XLS to the internal marketing teams
  • Shift budgets to best performing activities
  • Scale what works, terminate what doesn't


Watch this video and learn how TMDfriction tracks expenses and creates harmonious budget reporting across regions.

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