BrandMaker Marketing Tools Take Digital Asset Management to New Heights

BrandMaker Marketing Tools Take Digital Asset Management to New Heights

We bundled together your dream solution: a simple, easy-to-use content marketing portal that allows sales teams and channel partners to quickly find and customize content using self-service, online templates. Integrated marketing performance tools gives constant feedback for agile improvements. And, you can deploy your portal in less than 30 days!

BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal brings together four best-in-class tools making it a snap to manage, distribute, and target assets for maximum sales impact — all while maintaining business rules, policy, and brand control. No more fumbling for the latest versions of digital assets or materials; now your sales team and channel partners have everything they need to localize and produce materials quickly and easily. With built-in reporting and analytics, your new Content Marketing Portal is a reality that's here today and not just a dream for tomorrow.

Media Pool

Robust Digital Asset Management library for simple, centralized control and distribution by marketing


Online print and digital templates for safe and easy customization and localization by sales

Marcom Portal

Your own micro marketing site with everything in one place

Performance Management

Integrated reporting and analysis tools leading to agile improvements across marketing

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BrandMaker provides the all-in-one marketing software to efficiently run your marketing operations, provide your marketing teams with a centralized workspace to plan campaigns, create content, and empower channel partners.

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Your dream marketing portal has arrived

Content marketing Portal

Powerful, one of a kind capabilities from one of the best marketing tools

  • Single sign-on for quick and easy access within your enterprise
  • Powerful bulk importing and tagging capabilities
  • Automatic metadata extraction
  • Automated file format conversions/video transcoding
  • Version control keeps track of changes and updates
  • Asset validity date ranges to automatically control when assets become generally available and when they expire
  • Ability to manage special asset terms of use
  • Granular permissions model enables filtered access to certain assets based on defined user groups and roles
  • Ability to automatically publish certain finished assets to external file directories used by your corporate web site, intranet server, etc.
  • Direct integration with Adobe InDesign allowing rapid template configuration without coding plus automated tracking of all related image associations in an InDesign document

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How the Best Marketing Tools Work Together

Step 1

Marketing sets up and maintains the base system and uploads all relevant assets. Add meta data, license restrictions, and permissions. Set up templates and business rules so sales and partners can work quickly and within branding guidelines.

Step 2

Sales team uses "elastic search" to quickly find exactly what they need for every situation. Automatic file format conversions make it easy. Produce printed and digital output ready for any sales situation.

Step 3

Partners get access too! Sit back, relax, and have the confidence of knowing everything is in sync with marketing campaigns, new materials, ideas, and more.

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BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal is a solution for B2B sales and marketing teams that need more control and access to shared assets. Including robust digital asset management software, marketing portal, templates, and a rules-based compliance system, this solution dramatically reduces inbound creative services requests while giving sales team independence in producing high-quality branded materials for their everyday needs.

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