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As a global enterprise, you know the importance of having well-branded materials available for local markets and partners. From language and cultural differences to unique products and pricing, customizations need to be made by distributed sales teams, marketers, and even channel partners. A key challenge is maintaining brand clarity while also giving remote teams quick and easy access to the content they need.

BrandMaker Local Area Marketing Portal™ is built to specifically handle the issue of dynamic content creation. Now you can adapt and localize existing marketing materials quickly and easily. From minor changes to major reworks, distributed teams can customize marketing content to meet the requirements of local market without the need for expensive or complicated layout software.

Pacific Dental Services

Case Study: Pacific Dental Services

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Hanover Insurance

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BrandMaker Local Area Marketing Portal™ provides users with an intuitive interface for adapting and editing their marketing materials to local markets. New pages and specific content can be added easily using drag and drop. Create your own marketing materials in just six steps. And thanks to its seamless integration with the Marketing PIM module, the material can be filled with the latest product information from your centralized sources automatically.

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