Performance Management

Gain better insights, make better decisions. BrandMaker offers all you need to monitor and improve marketing performance, from high-level ROI dashboards to detailed conversion reports.

Calculate overall marketing ROI

Display KPIs in a customized marketing ROI dashboard and be updated on the success of your campaigns. Or create table-based budget reports that can be sliced and diced until you have the detail you require. BrandMaker Marketing Planner...

Marketing ROI
Digital performance

Monitor digital performance

Control your cross-channel activities and monitor how well digital campaigns are performing. Collect and arrange the results in real-time. See which of your channels convert best, whether it is banners, Google Adwords, Facebook campaigns or other social channels. BrandMaker Digital Marketing Center...

Mix internal and external data

Do you want to go far beyond the standard reporting options? In Performance Management you can consolidate key numbers and statistics from any BrandMaker module, combine it with external data sources where required, and displays key insights in customizable dashboards. BrandMaker Reporting Center...

Internal and external data

Key Benefits of the BrandMaker Performance Management Solution

  • A convincing methodology to make your demand generation really work
  • The ability to create a fully integrative asset library and the facility to generate personalized yet automated customer journeys at scale
  • Leads that are 100% qualified to your company’s standard with rich information on actual usage of the content your customers engaged with including recommendation on the next content of interest, along with important characteristics of your customers
  • Mature leads your sales team love to follow up and now personally engage with

Customer Case Study

Deka Bank

Learn how Deka Bank uses BrandMaker solutions to help streamline marketing operations to be more efficient.

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