BrandMaker Marketing Shop

An On-demand Marketing fulfillment Tool for Staff and Channel Partners

BrandMaker Marketing Shop is a professional environment for internal personnel, affiliates and channel partners to order and download marketing material. Set new standards for convenient, fast and self-service interactions. Create, print or distribute material on-demand and only deliver what is required.

Marketing fulfillment

As easy as Amazon

An intuitive shopping cart concept enables easy access by all users with a complete view of their own order history at any time. Central data storage and automated stock updates provides an overview of all marketing items and their availability at any time.

On-stock, on-demand or on-the-fly

BrandMaker Marketing Shop can handle all types of marketing materials. From promotional gifts that are kept on-stock, to POS materials such as sales posters that can be produced on demand. Even the booking of event booths can be managed.

Customize materials

Following the selection of media and items, users can access the Web-to-Print process directly from the shopping cart to customize material prior to ordering. If content is customized as part of direct marketing campaigns, an interface to direct marketing or CRM systems can be implemented.


Automate your order processes and increase your speed-to-market many times over. In particular with channel marketing the Marketing Shop replaces complicated e-mail orders from local marketing representatives to the central office.

Rights & Roles

By implementing user-specific roles and associated rights each user is granted exactly the type of access which he/she requires for his/her work. This way, suppliers are able to edit product information, central marketing can approve products, and employees and local units can order products.