BrandMaker Media Pool

The central platform for advertising material and media

Media Pool is the module for managing and supplying all of your media assets through centralized structures. It gives you rapid access to digital and multimedia content such as images, graphics, ads, brochures, banners, newsletters, slides, audio files and videos, lets you convert them into your required target format and then download, send or transfer them to your marketing material directly.

Content is quick and easy to find thanks to a variety of different search methods

With everything from hierarchical search trees to keyword and theme-based searches, you have a variety of ways to ensure rapid access to the media you need. Preview functions that are optimized to each media type mean you always select the media that meets your exact requirements.

Direct use in whatever target format is required

To ensure only valid and approved versions of each motif are used every time and save on storage space, the only version ever stored is the original. The dimensions, resolutions and file formats required for your purpose of use are generated on demand. You can use the relevant file to create templates or download and send it to customers, service providers or colleagues directly from the Media Pool.

Professional management of rights, roles, licenses and workflows

The highest of security standards and a comprehensive rights and roles system means users only see the data and options they are authorized to see. License and release management ensure that the media assets used always have the necessary licenses. Comment options, versioning, a usage history and high-efficiency reporting ensure maximum transparency throughout the media life cycle.

Seamless interfaces

The Media Pool is a central repository for all kinds of media for all intents and purposes. It can be used as the basis for more holistic solutions, for instance, by connecting it with Web-to-Print modules or integrating it with a Marketing Shop. Its open architecture and documented interfaces allow it to connect seamlessly with solutions from other service providers, such as Content Management or Database Publishing systems.