BrandMaker Media Pool Mobile

Digital assets at your fingertips, wherever you go

Media Pool Mobile is the app that empowers field teams, channel partners and sales reps to have the most relevant digital assets within reach, within seconds. Show and share videos, presentations and docs from smartphone or tablet and have engaging conversations.

Mobile digital asset management

A portable DAM, available anytime anywhere

Do you organize roadshows, visit events or work with an extended sales force or dealer network? Then you know that marketing material will only be used if they are easy to access and easy to share. With BrandMaker Media Pool Mobile you can show marketing materials from mobile devices and share assets with prospects in just a matter of clicks.

Offer local power, keep central control

The central marketing team enables asset availability on the app and guarantees relevant and up-to-date content. Easy search functionality guides to the required asset. Or simply navigate the folder structure conveniently inherited from the regular Media Pool.

Individual portfolios combine marketing and sales assets

Users can also upload personal assets to the app. This allows to combine customer specific assets like sales presentations or proposals with centrally shared corporate assets. Having marketing and sales materials bundled in one portfolio helps users to be perfectly prepared for the next meeting.

Kick-off a buyer journey with a click

Determine whether you want to share a single document or put your lead onto an entire journey. Service your contact with a series of meaningful information pieces to support her decision making process based on individual interests and content consumption behavior. All engagements build gradually up to a full lead dossier that augments your sales team's abilities to interact with their contacts to a new level.