BrandMaker Reporting Center

Reporting, analysis and dashboards

Reporting Center is a central tool for reporting and analysis. It consolidates key numbers and statistics from the other BrandMaker modules, combines it with external data sources where required, and displays key insights in customizable dashboards.

Brand management portal

Central instrument for measuring success

Fully configurable analytical overviews offer a 360-degree view of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and marketing activities. Comprehensive assessments and reports are all available within the BrandMaker environment, rendering the need for additional reporting tools obsolete.

Create flexible reports using drag and drop

Besides centrally supplied reports, users can create their own reports using drag and drop. A whole range of different reports can be created, including list-based reports, a variety of different charts and even more complex, multi-page assessments. Exports can be created in all usual formats.

Automated functions for up-to-date information

Automatically create new reports once new information becomes available. Have the up-to-date reports sent to the relevant users at pre-defined intervals by e-mail. These easy-to-use functions make it simple for marketing team to do all the assessments required without the need for specific technical expertise.

Transparency and valuable in-depth information

The cross-module reports increase marketing transparency and provide marketing managers and executives alike with valuable in-depth information about their marketing performance. Dashboards help to make quick and well informed decisions, leading to increased effectiveness and optimized budgets.