BrandMaker Review Manager

Manage annotations and creative approvals

Review Manager is a collaborative approval tool for marketing collateral creation. It helps marketing departments to organize and document the entire approval cycle across all marcom types (videos, layout files, images and texts).

Transparent and fully documented review processes

Simplify review processes and provide transparent and consistent documentation for the approval history across all media productions. Everyone involved in creating the media has constant access to the actual document through their internet browsers. Requested changes and comments are stored directly in the document. Even specific individual video frames can be highlighted for easy access at a later stage.

Practical functions for efficient collaboration

Its practical functions make Review Manager an excellent tool for collaborating on different marketing material as part of a distributed team. Preview functions that are optimized to suit the relevant media type mean it is even possible to display very specific file formats like InDesign documents.

Get official approval with ease

Predefined workflows and a digital signature option for approving documents make it easy to receive the official approval needed. One can simply browse through added comments or export the documents to be reviewed, including comments and flagged issues, with the push of a button.