BrandMaker Sales Enablement Workbench

Share assets with prospects and monitor content interaction

BrandMaker Sales Enablement Workbench puts simple but powerful asset sharing in the hands of your sales team. It enables sales reps to share trackable document links with prospects and generates detailed engagement statistics beyond Click-Throughs.

Customer engagement

Sharing is simple

Upload a new document or find an existing document in the Media Pool library. Generate a mobile-friendly, personalized link to that asset with an auto-generated preview image. Share the link and image with a prospect by simply copying/pasting it directly into an Outlook email message. No plug-in required.

Insights beyond Click-Throughs

When a shared link is viewed by a prospect, the asset is opened in a special document reader. It begins generating detailed engagement statistics for that prospect, like total viewing time, number of viewing sessions, page(s) viewed, number of shares, etc. and gradually builds up a lead dossier.

Enrich CRM data

The lead dossier shows all content consumption details and hypothesis about business drivers. These statistics can be quickly accessed in Sales Enablement Workbench or can be pushed into under the appropriate Lead record. Your reps now understand who is reading what, which content is shared and just how interested and engaged each prospect is.

Grow sales-ready leads

But it doesn’t stop with sharing single assets. As an add-on, BrandMaker Sales Enablement Workbench allows you to start personalized content journeys. Once prospects start interacting with your document they'll receive relevant content recommendations at the time they need it and based on their interests. The content auto-pilot nurtures in a non-intrusive way and grows prospects into sales-ready leads.