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Dear Adobe® Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene 7) Web-to-Print Users and Customers,

Following a thorough capability and functionality check, BrandMaker has worked with Adobe as a leading vendor for migrating from Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene 7) Web-to-Print. In addition to simple templating, BrandMaker offers a wide range of capabilities at your fingertips such as full integration with a marketing content repository and Product Information Management system. BrandMaker is the first marketing vendor to integrate content development and content delivery with the enablement of personalized, 1-1 customer engagements through mobile apps and branded sites.

We invite you to take a closer look at our products and learn more about the transition to BrandMaker as a Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene 7) Web-to-Print alternative. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Adobe Scene7 alternative BrandMaker

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To learn more about the transition from Adobe® Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene 7) Web-to-Print to BrandMaker, please complete the information below. You can also contact us directly at (678) 735-7362 or scene7@brandmaker.com.

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Marketing Success

Good content marketing strategies are all about delivering small, digestible chunks of information that are relevant to buyers at each stage of their customer journey. But coming up with this content in a timely fashion can be a key challenge for enterprise marketing teams.

One key to success is the ability to dynamically create content "on call" and when it's needed with speed, agility, and accuracy. BrandMaker offers an integrate package of software to do just this.

Media Pool
a system that holds the assets every marketer needs to build projects quickly

BrandMaker's unique tool for interactively designing content pieces with ease

Marketing PIM
a central platform for Product Information Management

Some of the marketing teams
using BrandMaker products