BrandMaker Web-to-Print

Adapt marketing materials to local markets

Web-to-Print is the module for dynamic content creation. Web-to-Print lets you adapt and localize your own existing marketing materials quickly and easily. From minor changes to major reworks, you can customize your marketing materials to your local market without the need for layout software.

CI-compliant marketing materials for every situation

Web-to-Print lets you access a huge range of options for producing and localizing your marketing materials. Create customized materials based on templates supplied centrally - in different dimensions, versions or with different content (for instance, a range of product groups).

Specialist expertise in working with layout programs is not required. The integrated real-time preview means what you see is really what you get.

Rule-based templates ensure compliance with central CI guidelines and maximize your freedom to localize your materials.

Focus on what's important, thanks to optimized processes

Web-to-Print provides companies creating marketing materials with the benefits of faster workflows and a shorter time-to-market. Standardization and automation help to save valuable resources and optimize processes. Web-to-Print lets companies utilize the power of their own brands and communicate consistent content.

Localized marketing materials with a click of the mouse

Web-to-Print provides users with an intuitive interface for adapting and editing their marketing materials to local markets. New pages and specific content can be added easily using drag and drop. Create your own marketing materials in just six steps. And thanks to its seamless integration with the Marketing PIM module, the material can be filled with the latest product information from your centralized sources automatically.