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Are you tired of your marketing operations being a game of hot potato?

Then check out BrandMaker’s marketing operations management software to: 


  • Execute faster with confidence
  • Integrate planning, spend management, and marketing execution into a transparent, collaborative operation
  • Connect plans to outcomes in real time 
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The Old Way & The Switch

The Beginning: Teams work in silos and store information across several applications.

The Middle: They realize that a database is not enough; it needs to have a business application.

The End: They implement a marketing software suite that becomes the source of truth and a seamless collaboration hub.

Tools we replace:
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We line up to tackle topics together and work out solutions as a team. With BrandMaker, we realize very quickly that we are on the same wavelength.

Andrea Baermann
Senior Manager, Brand Solutions, Group Communications, BRITA

10 +
Hours saved weekly
80 %
ROI increase
10 x
Faster execution
100 x
Workload Scalability


That’s how much Forrester predicts marketers’ need for a Marketing Suite will grow by 2023.

The Forrester Wave 2020 cites BrandMaker as a leader in providing enterprise-wide capabilities needed to manage global marketing operations.

Clarity for Your Team & Business

What Marketing Operations Management Software Can Do for Your Business

Clients like Disney, Porsche, and Amazon chose BrandMaker because they know that unifying spend management, planning, and marketing ROI drives innovation, creativity, and results across the business.

Learn how the world's fastest-growing companies use BrandMaker to power their marketing business success.

Why BrandMaker?

One Consolidated System

Enhance agency briefing for the design of promotions and plan your work and projects with pinpoint accuracy.

Faster Easier Execution

Empower executional agility by strategically managing and tactically controlling decentralized global campaign management. Integrate data from both internal and external systems with your choice of list views, including Kanban, Gantt, and more.

Aligned Project Management

Gain a global view of all activities from intuitive, fully configurable master calendars that quantify performance, with the ability to drill down to any level of detail and eliminate errors caused by emailing shared spreadsheets.

Data-Based Decisions

Real-time reports on campaigns and KPI-based performance monitoring based on uniform system-wide data. Rapidly identify anomalies and low performance activities for rapid campaign adjustments.

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