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Marketing Resource Management

Find out what Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is, and how BrandMaker can help you to Think Bigger.

MRM enables true marketing orchestration

Think bigger about enterprise marketing resource management because now so much more is possible. MRM is the lens that magnifies market’s abilities to focus on outcomes rather than tasks. Now, with BrandMaker’s MRM suite operations can achieve levels of efficiency and effectiveness never before possible.


Our experience shows that 80% of marketing time and resources is spent on operations, or “making marketing happen”, leaving only 20% for strategy. An effective MRM solution drives efficiency, which returns that energy to marketing strategy.

Guide: Think Bigger to unlock the ROI of Your Marketing Operations

Marketing Resource Management​ unlocks your massive ROI potential

Realizing the potential in your marketing operations is a process of maturity. Take a few minutes to learn about how MRM powers the operations maturity process, the huge ROI benefits, and other free tools BrandMaker has developed to help you use ROI as a lever for success.



Marketing operations is the top 2021 priority

BrandMaker’s Pulse is a series of global research studies focused on issues and challenges effecting enterprise marketing organizations. The latest report clearly shows that CMOs need to achieve significant operations efficiency to have the time to create engaging and differentiating customer experiences:
  • 94% see inadequate operations technology as a key barriers
  • 62% of CMO’s want their teams to spend more time on marketing operations
This recent article provides insight into the range and rationale for near-term priorities of enterprise CMOs.

The Forrester Wave™ Report

Better performance management means better results

That was the conclusion of the recent Forrester Wave™ report which named BrandMaker as a Leader in Marketing Resource Management (MRM), which is focused on improving the efficiency and ROI of enterprise marketing operations. According to this report:

The Forrester Wave Report: Marketing Resource Management
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BrandMaker takes a very pragmatic approach to MRM. It understands marketers’ realities of ad hoc, Excel-based marketing management and has built an intuitive, flexible platform in response in order to encourage and support more Agile methodologies…

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