Performance Measurement & Optimization

Marketing teams waste precious time searching for the data they need to make rapid, strategic decisions – only to find outdated information that adds little, to no value.

What is Performance Measurement & Optimization?

BrandMaker combines performance monitoring and reporting from all data silos into an intuitive, single source of truth. This real-time visibility on all activities and resources is crucial for marketing ROI demonstration and performance optimization.

Performance Measurement & Optimization Advantages

BrandMaker Solutions wheel 360 agile marketing operations

Unified and consolidated marketing performance data and KPIs from all sources in one place – across all silos – saves time, money, and aggravation.

Increase team productivity and marketing ROI by continuously evaluating campaigns to optimize performance in real-time.

Enhanced reporting and analysis enable smart, data-based decisions allowing marketers to immediately react directly to bottlenecks.

Easily demonstrate marketing’s contribution to your company’s success with greater clarity, while improving both results and senior stakeholder support.

Think Bigger with real-time visibility to refine your campaigns for superior performance.

Performance Measurement & Optimization Capabilities

Make data-driven decisions

Track the performance of campaigns across markets, media, and products to adjust strategies or content.

Continuously updated expense tracking

Clear global visibility on what portion of your total budget has been spent, and what remains in each market and medium in real time.

Manage for scale

Monitor the load and output of each of your teams – inside the company and across agencies – to make informed decisions on resource requirements, including staffing.

Comprehensive asset tracking

Account for all your marketing assets, both in development and in use around the world to manage deadlines, compliance, and performance.

Constant, uniform compliance

Real-time brand monitoring ensures that all teams have access to the latest messaging, so that your brand is continuously in compliance in all global markets.

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