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BrandMaker: New business tripled in US last year

New business tripled in US last year

Atlanta GA. January 2020: BrandMaker looks back on an extremely successful fiscal year 2019.

– AI functions and solutions for marketing and campaign planning drive demand

– Use of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) continues to increase as analysts forecast

Atlanta GA. January 2020: BrandMaker looks back on an extremely successful fiscal year 2019. The software company, one of the global market leaders in the field of Marketing Resource Management (MRM), tripled incoming orders in the US. The US business grew with new engagements with Vistage, ProQuest and KCI (part of 3M).

The Karlsruhe-based Martech specialist expanded its position as European market leader with its MRM platform with new customers worldwide like Grohe, Deutsche Glasfaser, LBBW, Miltenyi Biotec, and Norwegian Seafood Council. Global business grew 40% last year.

The main driver of the demand for BrandMaker products is the increasing need of companies for transparency in all marketing activities and the value contribution of marketing to corporate success. This also includes possibilities for KPI-based performance optimization.

BrandMaker introduced AI functionality last year to improve Digital Asset Management (DAM – the production and administration of digital content), also play an important role and their application range is to be further expanded in 2020.

As a result, the strategic roadmap for 2020 includes the development of additional AI functionalities, greater integration with marketing infrastructure technology, mobile campaign planning and budgeting.    

In addition, AI will help to optimally use budgets and increase campaign ROI with data-driven decisions as well as support the personalization of content. Overall, the innovations will drive the automation of processes, collaboration and the use of best practices in marketing teams.

Through direct interfaces of the MRM software, BrandMaker can already integrate nearly 3,000 martech solutions into the platform (BrandMaker Technology). The simple and convenient integration of relevant third-party solutions continues to be an important focus this year.

“2019 was an extremely successful year for BrandMaker”, explains Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker. “Especially the strong growth in the comparatively technologically more mature US market is an extremely positive signal for us. At the same time, it also shows that European and German companies recognize the central importance of an integrated MRM for their business success and are catching up in the implementation of MRM systems. The lack of transparency in the planning, management and control of global marketing campaigns and budgets in the last 12 months has triggered a massive need for action. We are going to further expand this competitive advantage in 2020 and thus continue our growth course both in the US and the European market.”

About BrandMaker

BrandMaker is the leading software provider for effective Marketing Resource Management (MRM). The company gives enterprise marketers the visibility and control to optimize their marketing operations.  The enterprise-level MRM solution turns marketing into a business-building powerhouse by letting marketing leaders get on top of their budgets, people workflows, campaigns, and marketplace performance. BrandMaker is made to tame the complexity of multinational marketing. With our European roots, equipping companies to work across borders, cultures, and silos comes naturally to us. Accordingly, Forrester and Gartner recognize BrandMaker as a leader in MRM. More than 300 leading companies including Bayer, Daimler and Avantor trust in our solutions to increase their effectiveness in marketing planning and execution.

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