Brand Management

Protect your company’s greatest asset – your brand – with rules-based automation to stay ahead of the explosion of content and channels.

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Brand Management

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Think Bigger about Brand Management

BrandMaker Brand Management provides the visibility to control how your brand is used, ensuring that your content is up to date, within brand guidelines, compliant with local regulations, and ready to be personalized.

Brand Management Advantages

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Achieve the confidence that brand and product information comply with brand guidelines.

Single source of truth with a central administrative control ensures that the latest approved assets are being used by your sales and marketing teams in any region.

Simplify the complexity of product portfolios to heighten the customer experience and trust with personalizing, brand-compliant communications.

Shorten approval and content production times with rules-based access, asset, and use case control.

Avoid risk of non-compliance with an up to date, rules-driven, regulatory administration of content - regardless of local, regional, or national guidelines.

Think Bigger by managing your brand for improved consistency, compliance, and confidence.

Brand Management Capabilities

Deliver consistent control over brand assets and guidelines

Provide a corporate identity knowledge base for employees, suppliers, and partners. Ensure only the latest, valid, approved assets and product information are available to each stakeholder.

Adopt brand templates for localized content

Allow employees and partners to easily create, adapt, and localize marketing materials. Rules-based templates across multiple channels ensures brand consistency.

Select and order brand assets and services

Central data storage of marketing material for all users with automated stock updates. Employees, service providers and sales partners can access, and order, chargeable assets and services through an intuitive shopping cart process.

Organize and store marketing information

Systematically manage all information required for marketing communications. Store relevant content in a central application for access to each object, product, and campaign.

Analyze local asset usage and optimize content

Systematically manage all information required for marketing communications. Store relevant content in a central application for access to each object, product, and campaign.

Case Study Cover ZEISS
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With BrandMaker we have seen enormous improvement in our ability to deliver marketing materials quickly and easily to all locations, worldwide via a central platform.

Dimitrios Koulakiotis
Head of Solution Center Media & Language Applications, ZEISS

Euronics Case Study BrandMaker
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The BrandMaker system gives us the ability to provide all retailers, regardless of size, with the marketing support they need.

Elke Bertsch
Head of Marketing Communications, EURONICS Deutschland eG

Rodenstock BrandMaker Kunde
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BrandMaker has established itself as a central, actively used tool that has become an integral part of our everyday marketing activities.

Tina Bergner
Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Rodenstock

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