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BrandMaker Brand Portal forms the central platform for all brand information and is the basis for brand-compliant communications. It is the source of knowledge and starting point for accessing, adapting, and ordering brand-compliant media for every touchpoint.

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Communicate the essence of your brand

Access all brand materials

Provide all relevant information about your brand intuitively, in one central location. Employees, partners and agencies can access all relevant corporate marketing materials and templates with a few clicks.

Brand management worldwide

Collaborate with decentralized teams

Enable teams and partners around the globe to easily access assets that comply with your brand. Make creative assets, self-service templates, and key brand elements a natural part of daily routine.

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BrandMaker Brand Portal at-a-glance in our factsheet!

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Strengthen brand value

Brand consistency

Implement your corporate identity and corporate design operationally across all parts of the company with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Maintain a consistent corporate identity throughout all your communication.
Brand Portal Online Templates

Speak the local language

Brand Template Builder

Put online brand templates in the hands of local teams and business partners to reduce agency costs. Let them adapt marketing materials to local markets while staying within brand guidelines – without the need for complex graphic programs.

Marketing fulfilment

Integrated shop solution

Offer branded materials on-site, on-demand or on-the-fly. Supply all branded marketing material in a fast and intuitive process. Create, print, and distribute marketing materials on demand to deliver the exact quantities needed.

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