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Digital Asset Manager

BrandMaker Digital Asset Manager leverages digital content to empower your teams to create content that maximizes the customer experience. BrandMaker provides a central place to manage content in any format, for any device, and for any purpose – for the perfect fit of your campaigns.

Single source of truth

One platform for digital assets

Store all your digital assets centrally, structured and secured. Sophisticated digital rights give internal and external team members role-based access to your digital media library. License management ensures the use of only valid content.

Make DAM progress

Fast access to content

The intuitive user interface and powerful search functions allow other departments, agencies and occasional users to quickly find the right digital assets. In addition, AI-based image tagging improves the asset retrieval and visibility.

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Control over asset use

AI-powered Web Tracing

Track the use of your digital assets across the web. AI-logic identifies websites on which your images or parts of it have been published. Based on the results you can identify and eliminate misused brand materials.

Digital Asset Manager App

Align marketing and sales

Digital content on-the-go app

Sales reps can access, show and share digital marketing materials from mobile devices at lightning speed. Further content recommendations are automated based on content interaction statistics helps sales reps to turn prospects into sales-ready leads.

From DAM straight to stakeholders

Share assets

Share digital assets at the touch of a button with team members, customers and partners. The assets are automatically converted to the correct output format. 

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