Finance & Budget Management

Marketing must be seen as a contributor to your company's financial success. CMOs and their teams need to approach their planning from an ROI perspective to react to rapid market changes.

Summary: Finance & Budget Management

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Finance & Budget Management

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Think Bigger about Finance & Budget Management

BrandMaker Finance and Budget Management enables data-driven budget decisions anytime, anywhere. Plan, manage, and optimize budgets with exceptional agility via real-time reporting and control to maximize campaign performance.

Finance & Budget Management Advantages

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Improved agility to allocate your budget accurately and effectively, and to allow rapid budget shifts based on changing business goals to maximize ROI.

Optimize your marketing strategy by linking the performance of creative work with financial tracking to leverage best-practices and high-performing campaigns.

Share relevant expense reporting with finance and sales, including both internal BrandMaker, and external data, for collaborative decisions.

Rapidly shift budgets based on changing business goals through actionable insights from real-time visibility and control over local-to-global expenditures.

Automatically import and split purchase orders and invoices to multiple campaigns to accurately attribute costs to budgets.

Think Bigger with real-time visibility and control over your entire marketing budget.

Finance & Budget Management Capabilities

Plan and allocate budgets to major strategic objectives

Collaborate globally to unify budget plans across all regions, aligned to your strategy for success. Easily manage multi-currency campaigns and projects with international exchange rates to increase international budget and cost planning accuracy.

Manage and refine budgets to planned activity levels

Rapidly integrate accurate data creation and maintenance through structured intake forms, auto-fill, and intelligent input processes. Easily import planned budget from external data sources to avoid manual data creation and errors.

Integrate financial data from multiple sources

Manage and control planned, committed, actual, target, and remaining budgets in real-time across different systems. Manage multiple payment options such as accruals, advance payments, and split purchase orders and invoices.

Manage budgets with real-time spend tracking

Real-time reporting eliminates waiting for quarterly figures until the budget can be re-allocated. Easily identify over- and under-spending to shift budgets to the best performing activities based on analytics for improved ROI.

Automate budget workflows and approvals

Avoid planning chaos with repeatable, configurable forms, and rights-based workflows to increase efficiency. Integrated, automated workflow event triggers speed budget approval processes directly from the financial planning.

Control and optimize spending

Clearly represent the ROI and success of your marketing at any time, with freely definable key performance indicators. Compare various business areas, regions, target markets, or product lines, and optimize your budget allocation accordingly.

TMD Friction - BrandMaker Customer
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BrandMaker has brought us a big advantage – an enormous gain in efficiency. Now we have a real-time view of all activities as well as planned and already completed campaigns worldwide.

Stephan Giesecke
Head of Regional Marketing, TMD Friction

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