Marketing & Campaign Planning

Optimize martech investments to increase campaign efficiency, and visibility, greatly streamlining the planning processes for improved performance and ROI.

Summary: Marketing & Campaign Planning

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Marketing & Campaign Planning

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Think Bigger about Marketing & Campaign Planning

BrandMaker Marketing & Campaign Planning delivers full control and visibility to marketing teams and agencies across all data, reporting, and analysis for a single source-of-truth.

Marketing & Campaign Planning Advantages

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Accelerate campaign production processes to decrease go-to-market times, while reducing expensive project cancellations and agency iterations.

Gain superior control through a single application / source of truth where the entire global team can review any activity to make informed real-time decisions.

Optimize marketing ops at scale with automated best-practices for consistency and repeated use, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Rapidly create and deploy agile marketing plans that can quickly be modified globally or locally to meet changing needs for improved competitiveness.

Streamline marketing and campaign planning across multiple internal and external stakeholders with rule- and role-based access to ensure consistency and compliance.

Think Bigger by campaign planning with actionable reports on assets, content, and budgets.

Marketing & Campaign Planning Capabilities

Strategically and Consistently Align Marketing Plans

Gain a global view of all activities from intuitive, fully configurable master calendars that quantify performance, with the ability to drill down to any level of detail and eliminate errors caused by emailing shared spreadsheets.

Plan and Organize Campaigns and Marketing Projects

Empower executional agility by strategically managing and tactically controlling decentralized global campaign management. Integrate data from both internal and external systems with your choice of list views, including Kanban, Gantt, and more.

Automate and Execute Campaign Briefs & Workflows

Plan and create individually definable briefs and workflows for digital campaigns and publish them auto formatted to each channel including websites and social media. High performing processes can be repeated as blueprints for future projects.

Collaborate Globally

Simplify the cooperation between all relevant parties, both internally and externally, with clear briefings, views, and responsibilities, including joint workflows to eliminate silos. Automated alerts update each team member, while tracking all changes for auditing purposes.

Personalize and Localize Campaigns

Easily adapt marketing materials to local and individual needs without the need for a professional designer. Rules-based templates ensure corporate design compliance, while retaining the appropriate level of creative freedom.

Control and optimize activities

Real-time reports on campaigns and KPI-based performance monitoring based on uniform system-wide data. Rapidly identify anomalies and low performance activities for rapid campaign adjustments.

Rodenstock BrandMaker Kunde
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Our high expectations of the BrandMaker system in terms of transparency, speed, and efficiency were met 100%.

Tina Bergner
Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Rodenstock

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The Marketing & Campaign Planning brings us a single platform for the transparent distribution of information and action plans, increasing the return from each individual promotion and the marketing calendar as a whole.

Christian Konsorski
Senior Manager Marketing Campaign Management, Thalia

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