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Marketing Planner

With BrandMaker Marketing Planner you gain full visibility and control over your financial planning, campaigns and performance measurement. Use BrandMaker as a comprehensive platform to orchestrate all your teamwork and activities.

Say “bye” to confusing spreadsheets

Transparent marketing planning

Plan and coordinate all marketing operations transparently for all parties involved. Adjust the freely configurable planning structure at any point to see exactly the level of detail you need. 

Getting the most out of your budget

Keep finances in focus

Gain full visibility on planned, target, committed and actual budgets. Take the international context into account and manage the budget information in the currency needed.

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BrandMaker Marketing Planner at-a-glance in our factsheet!

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Marketing Planner KPIs

Optimize marketing performance and ROI

Measure success with KPIs

Individually defined KPIs enable data-based insights into the success of your campaigns and its marketing ROI. Prove the success of your marketing activities with real-time reports and analyses at the touch of a button.

Marketing Planner App

Marketing Planning on-the-go

Marketing Planner app

Put your marketing plan at your fingertips with the BrandMaker Marketing Planner App. Let your team members or partners access relevant campaign information anytime – even on-the-go.

Marketing Planner Workflow

Achieve your marketing objectives

Streamline marketing operations

Trigger processes from within the marketing plan to execute actions that help you achieve your goals. Collect all briefings and project information centrally, distribute tasks within the team and track the progress of the project.

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