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Reporting Center

BrandMaker Reporting Center is the pivotal tool for reporting, analytics and ROI measurement. It consolidates key figures from all sources and displays the whole data set comprehensively in customer-specific dashboards.

Data-driven insights

Customizable reporting dashboards

With BrandMaker Reporting Center you have all key figures consolidated in one place. Analytics dashboards visualize your data and give you a 360-degree view of all KPIs and marketing activities.

Reporting Center KPIs

Scale marketing performance with agility

Real-time performance evaluations

Real-time evaluation on campaigns and their performance enable you to identify successful marketing strategies. Respond to marketplace changes at any time and steer your performance with agility – for the best overall marketing performance and ROI.

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Reporting Center Reports

Reports via drag and drop

Individual data for everyone

Even without technical know-how, users can create their own reports via drag and drop. A whole range of different reports can be created, including list-based reports, charts and even more complex, multi-page assessments.

Prove marketing value

Automated report generation

Bring marketing performance together with business goals and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to company success. Get valuable in-depth information through automatically generated reports and share real-time results with your team.

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