Work & Resource Management

Marketing collaboration across distributed teams – at home, in the office, and on-the-go – makes the central control of reliable and structured work and resource management more important than ever.

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Work & Resource Management

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Think Bigger about Work & Resource Management

BrandMaker Work & Resource Management provides global marketers with an agile, central platform to manage, automate, control, and optimize workflows – and the entire workload of their teams.

Work & Resource Management Advantages

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Advanced flexibility to transform traditional waterfall processes and operations to cost-efficient, agile workflows.

Increase profitability and marketing ROI with data-driven adaptability to allocate resources based on shifting market requirements.

Central management and control to prioritize, accelerate, optimize, and simplify content development, refinement, and approval processes.

Eliminate bottlenecks by tracking the progress of projects more accurately, enabling smarter decision-making and quicker responses.

Increased visibility and transparency enable seamless and agile team collaboration worldwide.

Think Bigger by automating collaboration, reviews, and approvals with predefined workflows

Work & Resource Management Capabilities

Strategically plan, align, and organize workflows

Align daily operations with the overall marketing and campaign plan to avoid non-strategic activities. Enhance agency briefing for the design of promotions and plan your work and projects with pinpoint accuracy.

Establish strategic priorities and deadlines

Manage your work in the manner that best suits your business. Visualize your planning and choose between different calendar formats and project management tools to accurately define tasks, process requirements, duration, and deadlines.

Streamline resource allocation based on capacity

Gain a real-time overview of your team’s current work and individual workloads to make strategic decisions. Maximize the utilization of the team’s resources by shifting tasks to members based on capacity.

Simplified content creation, review, and approval

Organized creation processes, reviews and approvals for all collaterals and websites for local and international teams as well as external partners. Individually definable workflows, automated event triggers, and roles for clear, structured processes.

Agile reprioritization of deadlines and resources

Maximize the utilization of your team’s resources by monitoring performance of your business goals. Comprehensive dashboards, reporting, and analysis to prioritize work and re-allocate resources.

Analyze and optimize work performance

Accurate, real-time monitoring data and statistics about workflows and jobs allows the optimization of workflows and resource allocations.  Increased visibility enables marketers to track the progress of projects and react to bottlenecks quickly.

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Think Bigger about Work & Resource Management.

Summary: Work & Resource Management

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